Kevin Rayburn is a character in Bloodline.


Kevin Rayburn is the third son and fourth child in the Rayburn family.

Personality Edit

Kevin is the most social and gregarious out of all of his siblings. He has shown great devotion to his family and idolizes his father Robert, aspiring to be just as successful as him. Kevin gets along with his brother John and sister Meg but is hostile towards his oldest brother Danny because of the harm he has caused the family to endure, especially when Danny kept breaking their mother's heart over and over again. He has a tendency to act on his emotions and prefers to act first and ask questions later, immediately thinking Danny had harmed their father after Robert was hospitalized for his stroke. His tendency to act on his emotions reveals a level of immaturity that has causes him to get into trouble with the wrong people and create trouble for his siblings. It is usually John and Meg that helps him get out of trouble. He has a great love for boats and finds purpose in his job as a Marina owner.

Kevin's role in covering up Danny's murder has caused a drastic shift in his personality. He is constantly anxious and paranoid, unable to live a life of lies. He turns to cocaine and alcohol to cope with his anxiety as well as the guilt he feels about being involved in Danny's murder. While on drugs and alcohol, Kevin becomes even more unhinged and reckless in his decision.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kevin Rayburn is portrayed by actor Norbert Leo Butz.


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